Wood Flooring Trends

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Wood Flooring Trends

As hardwood flooring techniques and styles have developed over the years, so have the trends accompanying them. From aesthetics to installation methods, there are several ways to keep your house looking refreshed and up-to-date with different wood flooring options. 

  1. Say goodbye to the traditional red tones typically associated with hardwood floors! For the past several years the industry has been leaning toward refined looks that go with any decoration, style or color palette. 
    • If you want to hop on this trend, go with a cooler or darker color stain. This will either brighten a space up or create a modern atmosphere that’s sleek and simple.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with having your wood floors installed in a traditional layout, but don’t be afraid to explore outside the norm. Interesting patterns add some excitement to your space and become a focal point of any room.
    • Herringbone and chevron are the most popular, but there are countless other patterns to explore – don’t be afraid!
  3. Texture. Texture. Texture.
      • If the modern and sleek look just isn’t for you, try out a texturing method that can give your space some added character. Although a simple, refined look is always popular, people are constantly in search for a lived-in, rustic look.
      • Wood distressing, wire-brushing, and hand-scraping are all common techniques used to achieve that unique, worn-in style people love.

At Edwin Burton’s Flooring we strive to make our customers happy. Whether you’re ready to try out a new flooring trend or maintain a traditional style, we can make it happen. Contact us today to learn more!