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The natural beauty that gives a wood floor its character also makes it susceptible to damage from normal wear and tear. It comes with the territory – your wood floor was meant to be lived on. When the time comes to give your floor a facelift, the dedicated professionals at Edwin Burton’s Flooring can repair any type of wood floor. Refinishing, sanding – our trained and certified wood floor specialists will have your floor looking like new. Edwin Burton’s Flooring is proud to be your resource for more than just wood floors. In addition to the refinishing, repair and installation of solid hardwood, we regularly provide quality custom designs for engineered wood.

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Take a close look at any plank of professional-grade hardwood, and the appeal of a custom wood floor becomes readily apparent. The details of each unique grain, the natural craftsmanship in each strip – professionally installed hardwood adds depth and character to any room. Ageless and elegant, a custom wood floor lets you instantly see and feel that you’re standing on solid ground.

A wood floor can come in a variety of grains, finishes and construction, making every wood floor installation truly custom. The professionals at Edwin Burton’s Flooring can help you determine the right wood floor for your home and provide tips on how to care for your custom wood floor. Because humidity and temperature can affect your Baton Rouge wood floor, installation is crucial. A number of factors can influence the process, including:

  • Your everyday living habits
  • Where in the house the wood floor will be installed
  • The wood floors exposure to sunlight
  • Whether you have pets

Prior to your wood floor installation, you’ll receive a free in-home consultation with one of our flooring technicians. We’ll provide an accurate estimate of the project’s cost and discuss any factors that might affect the installation process. This helps us to provide you with a better assessment of which type of wood and finish will work best in your home.

A solid wood floor is just that – hardwood flooring made from one solid piece of lumber. But don’t let that fool you into thinking engineered wood isn’t real wood. It’s actually made from three to five layers of hardwood, stacked and bonded together under heat and pressure. Each type of wood floor has its advantages: Solid wood floors can be sanded and refinished over time, while engineered wood stands up in humid environments.

If you want to match an existing finish in your home, you may want to go with an unfinished wood floor product which will be stained to match. Keep in mind, however, that finishing the floor on site will add time to the installation process. Edwin Burton’s Flooring carries a wide range of high quality pre-finished choices for those who want to start using their room as soon as possible.

One of the more important factors in choosing the right type of wood is where the floor will be installed: on grade (ground level), above grade (second level or higher) or below grade (below ground level). Traditional solid hardwood is not recommended for below-grade installations because of moisture problems.

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